vendredi 4 juillet 2008

Teng Nong Kon Ma Ha Hear (comédie thaïe)

Teng Nong Kon Ma Ha Hear
avec Pongsak Pongsuwan (Teng) et Chusak Aiemsuk (Nong)

Teng Nong Khon Ma Ha HearPitch:
Teng and Nong, the comedian buddies are back in action! This time, they're commanded to do an hilarious mission, that is to hand a puppet to a big mafia. At first, it sounds like this mission is very simple, and they're really confident that the mission will be done in a blink. But, they're wrong about the mission when too many obstacles keep coming on the way to meet the mafia. Anyway, they struggle to finish the mission no matter what will come.


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