jeudi 5 juin 2014

Dating thai girls : meet your soul mate in Thailand

The best solution to meet his/her soul mate – or at least a charming, smiling and engaging girl – in Thailand is to register on a dating site dedicated to this objective. The more enjoyable website to use among a plethora of sites (free of charge or not), the most serious and the most effective one is, without a doubt:
Tens of thousands of members are registered. The price starts at € 29.99 per month (with a discount if you subscribe for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months). This includes unlimited and live exchanges, either by email or by chat.
Most of the girls visiting this web site have one objective in mind: to marry a Westerner. They are indeed often disappointed by Thai men, who have the reputation of never being faithful (understand these gentlemen; in Thailand, there is one man for six women!). They also think – rightly or wrongly – that Western men are more romantic, caring and also – let’s be honest – more secure financially.
On these dating websites, one can find mainly two types of girls:

  • The “Youngsters/teens” (18-25 years): Most of them come from relatively poor families (mostly from the Isan region of north east of the country). They have a very poor English and do not really pay attention to the age of these gentlemen. Their primary goal is well often marriage.
  • The more “mature” girls ( 26-35 years): As school graduates, they master English well enough, are relatively financially independent, and often live in Bangkok or in major cities. They are not necessarily interested in marriage. A “western-type” relationship is also quite attractive to them.

In Thailand, a serious relationship – with a serious girlfriend – is built step by step. It is highly recommended not to rush things. Thai mentalities, especially with regard to sex – and despite what we may think, hear or see – are far from being permissive. In addition, the vast majority of girls are extremely shy. So, please, let’s remain nice gentlemen!
However, do not be naïve and think that the girls you will meet on these websites are all serious, sincere and honest. There is here – like anywhere else – indecent, inelegant and dishonest people. Your role is to sort them out with delicacy!

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